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Covid-19 and the patients suffering from back pain

Covid-19, back pain
We've all been watching the Kovid-19 pandemic lately. It has a connection in all areas of our lives. I came across an interesting letter published in the prestigious journal Neurosurgery.

Researchers from the University of Turin are studying the type of patients who come to the emergency department during the spring lockdown. They find that fewer patients come with , but those who come much more often need serious research.

And what do they think are the reasons for this phenomenon? 1. Reduction of 'mild cases' caused by fear of coronavirus infection and
2. Changing the rhythm of livery and actually reducing the incidence of back pain

I do not know which of the two is true, but we will certainly use our experience from this period in understanding many other diseases.

Letter: Back Pain and Accesses to Emergency Departments During COVID-19 Lockdown in Italy Fabio Cofano, MD, Fulvio Tartara, MD, Francesco Zenga, MD, Federica Penner, MD, Michele Lanotte, MD, and Diego Garbossa, MD, PhD
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