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General surgery

What is general surgery?

Surgery is a medical specialty that covers surgical interventions on the human body. As it is a complex medical discipline, various specialties aimed at treating multiple organs and systems of the human body have emerged. Today, the term ""surgery"" means the field of general (also called abdominal) surgery. In essence, surgery uses various techniques. Different surgical interventions' primary goal is to treat a specific disease by removing the diseased tissue, restoring tissue/organs needed by the body, or implanting an artificial body. In some cases, surgery is used to relieve the symptoms of certain diseases and injuries. Depending on the operation's scope, the location and severity of the disease process, the technique and methods used in surgery, and many other factors, there are several main types of manipulations. When choosing a surgical technique for each patient, many factors are taken into account. The goal is to achieve optimal results with minimally invasive procedures with a good safety profile.

What is a general surgeon?

Surgeons are doctors specializing in general surgery who perform surgical operations such as. Removal of a diseased organ, suturing of an internal tear, etc. Surgeons interact with other specialties in the treatment of their patients. The specialties with surgical orientation are obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics and traumatology and traumatology, neurosurgery, urology, ENT and eye diseases.

What are the main types of conditions that treat general surgery?

  • • Cholecystitis - stones in the gallbladder

  • • Pancreatic cancer

  • • Pancreatitis

  • • Cysts of the pancreas

  • • Choledocholithiasis - stones in the bile ducts

  • • Ulcer of the stomach and duodenum

  • • Esophageal cancer

  • • Stomach cancer

  • • Ventral hernia

  • • Inguinal hernia

  • • Hiatal hernia

  • • Colon and rectum

  • • Colon cancer

  • • Rectal cancer

  • • Anus and perianal space

  • • Hemorrhoidal disease

  • • Anal fissure

  • • Anal fistula

  • • Tumors of the adrenal gland

  • What are the main subtypes of general surgery?

  • • Traumatic surgery

  • • Laparoscopic surgery

  • • Colorectal surgery

  • • Endocrine surgery

  • • Transplant surgery

  • • Surgical oncology

  • • Pediatric surgery

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