Trinity Medical Center I Dr. Marin Guentchev, MD, PhD

2nd International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery (ICSJS)

A week ago, I was a guest speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgery (ICSJS) Sept. 16-17th 2016. I presented our new method of treating sacroiliac joint pain with neurostimulation. There were many famous names among the guest speakers. First of all, Prof. Jurgen Harms - the most prominent name for spinal surgery in recent decades. The organization was excellent, and the reports too. Unfortunately, there is still no perfect solution for sacroiliac pain. Our method has the best results of all presented (~ 80% success rate at three years follow-up), but even in the US, most health insurers would not pay its high price ...
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